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SHE Safari

We at SHE Safari enjoy being in the outdoors. It is a way of life for us and part of our enjoyment is the products we use. True hunting and field wear for women have been elusive for those of us that enjoy the outdoors. Not anymore! SHE Safari's full line of safari, upland, field and camouflage wear continues to expand with each idea from you and our team. SHE Safari has defined itself in the outdoor apparel industry as being focused on designing and providing attractive and functional apparel for women's expeditions. We like that definition.

Whether we are designing women's safari, upland, field or camouflage garments we take great pride in our attention to detail. First, our products must fit they way they should, second we must insure that we are using perfectly designed materials and construction in our garments, third the product must have balanced functionality and fourth the result has to be attractive in the end. By combining these essential mindsets equally to women's wear our goal is to provide you with the best fitting, best wearing and best looking outdoor apparel you have experienced.

Whether you are the hunter or an observer, SHE Safari has you covered. We want to make sure you have choices for your expeditions and will continue striving to provide you with functional and attractive outdoor wear. We hope to see you in the field or around the campfire someday.

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